Gone Goth

Prairie meets 90’s goth in what I’m calling my “fisherman’s funeral” look, featuring an embroidered midi dress by J.Crew, doc sandals, a bucket hat, and giant tote. As they say, black everything (or thang).

They also say that “goth is back,” but I’m not so sure it ever really went away. It seems there’s always a good goth-inspired look on the runway, every fashion week. I am a Scorpio, however, and we tend to notice and be fascinated by the presence of darkness and mystery in most things. True to form, I’ve always loved the occult and goth aesthetic in fashion, architecture, and interior design. When redecorating our apartment a while back, I drew inspiration from Beetlejuice and Coven. For this look, it was mostly the Edwardian era (but make it comfy, casual and modern-ish). But what is it that makes this style so attractive and timeless? I think it goes beyond all black clothing — for me, it’s about elegance and simplicity, but at the same time, the ability to spark curiosity. What are your thoughts?

Photos by: Cameron Gill <3

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